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Hi, My name is Ian McConnachie and i have been involved with motorcycles for over 30 years which is most of my life, at an early age i would take my motorbikes completely apart, and make modifications after owing many bikes i soon learnt how to tune them and get the best from it.
At the age of 16y i started road racing on a Aspes 50cc which i had built from various parts it wasn't long before i had started winning and by the next year i was competing in the European championships finishing 5th in my first race followed up with 10th and 9th put me 15th overall in the championship after taking part in only 3 races.

The next year (my 3rd year of racing) i took part in the GP's and would continue to do so for many more years, in 1986 i made history by becoming the first British rider to ever win a Grand Prix in England and this still stands today some 20 years later.
I have raced for several European factory teams such as Cagiva, Krauser, Autisa, MBA.

I won 5 British road racing championships, finished 5th and 6th twice in the world championships, 3rd in the european championship and many more top 10 final positions, plus runner up in the AMCA local motorcross club 125 class, a couple of local trials championships, I have had alot of fun riding motorcycles its has been my passion.  

For 6 years I ran the YMSA Trials and enjoyed every minute plus I met some fantastic people.



 This is what has helped me to established Trick Bits.








Vacuum forming your products through us maybe the answer,I have many years in the vacuum forming industry and can help with advise and possible solutions, plus with the expert help from our partners such as GIESS AG, Swanstone, Athlone Extrusions, Saffron plastics, Stephen Webster Plastics.

Using the latest Vacuum Forming and 5 Axis Trimming machines from Giess AG you can be confident that we will produce a high quality vacuumed parts for your company, just like we do for Trick Bits (some parts we produce are OEM) 

From starting with just an idea to making the tools and seeing a product turn into a real part I can help by working close with you and understanding your needs, or if you already have vacuum formed products that you would like us to make we would be pleased to quote you.





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